We are IWT

We are a group of passionate and fun-loving advocates who value our mission and believe we are helping create a new generation of caring world leaders.


Exceptional service, period

Kaitlin Sinclair

Vice President

Emmanuel Diaz-Obregon

Director of Operations

Abigail Palmer

Communications Manager
As Communications Manager, Abigail works to create effective print and digital communication materials to keep our stakeholders informed and prepared.

Stacie Tollaksen

Director of Regional Accounts, Regional Account Manager, Midwest
I am passionate about cultural exchange and I use my work as a J-1 summer work travel sponsor, to bring the world closer together.

Lalune Sip

Regional Account Manager, West
My experiences overseas had a great impact on my life and really instilled in me a love for cultural exchange, travel, international cuisine and getting to know local cultures.

Jenn Yildiz

Regional Account Manager, Mid-Atlantic
I first fell in love with cultural exchange, during high school, when my family hosted international exchange students.

Janice Fox

Regional Account Manager, Northeast
I have been passionate about cultural education and exchange from an early age. As a second-generation German-American child growing up in a military family, I was regularly exposed to international and regional cultural differences.

Katie Heath

Field Support Coordinator, Southeast
Before joining Intrax, I had worked very closely with the J1 work and travel program for over nine years in the waterpark industry as a Human Resources manager. I quickly realized that I loved learning about the different cultures of visiting seasonal staff and teaching them about ours.

Rebecca Fee

Account Manager
My experience, both as a participant and working across cultures, gives me strong foundation for my work.

Connecting people and cultures through work and travel