Placement of Participants

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Placement process

Hiring for your peak seasonal needs is a simple, straight-forward process when you partner with IWT as your Summer Work Travel sponsor. An IWT Account Manager works directly with you to determine how hiring J-1 participants can best fit within your company structure and needs.

Determine your Placement Needs

Our placement team will work with you to understand your seasonal hiring needs and develop a comprehensive hiring proposal with you.

Identify Open Job Positions

Our expert matching managers will work with you to write job descriptions that match your open seasonal positions.

Recruit Qualified Candidates

Our network of global partners advertises and promotes your available positions to their job pool before reviewing resumes and pre-screening candidates.

Interview and Hire

We arrange interviews and hiring tours for you to attend, whether abroad, at our San Francisco headquarters, or at your office. Our experienced matching team can also interview and hire candidates for you.

Complete Final Paperwork

Once you've hired your newest employees, we will help you complete all other necessary paperwork and help you keep track of their arrival information through your MyIntrax account.

Welcome your Newest Employees!

We conduct pre-departure orientations and guide them through arrival.  After that, you'll have the opportunity to teach them all about your company culture and introduce them to living in America!


Hiring Options

IWT recruits from 35 countries through our own international offices and select partners. We understand hiring challenges, and we also know how important it is to have a trusted partner. Because of our global reach and decades of experience, we offer access to the best tools for hiring a strong team during even the busiest of seasons.


International Hiring Tours

Hiring abroad allows you to meet applicants in-person, and interview and hire for your positions in one trip.

These tours are ideal for companies that hire large numbers of employees. You’ll be able to speak with candidates in-person, all while touring their home countries.

Hire for your Summer season from December to March. Tours stop in Eastern Europe, East Asia, and the Caribbean.

Hire for your Winter season in August. Tours stop in Brazil, Argentina, and Peru.

Hire for your Spring season in October. Tours stop through Thailand and the Philippines.

To find out how your company can join our international hiring tours, email your Account Representative or please contact IWT at


Virtual Hiring Fairs

Hiring and interviewing online allows you to hire qualified candidates face-to-face by video conference, interviewing from either our San Francisco headquarters or your office. Virtual fairs are ideal for companies who want to interview job applicants but don’t have the time to travel outside of the United States.

Summer: November to April

Winter: August to October

Spring: October to November


Let us find the right candidates for you

IWT and our partners hire the applicants who best fit your job descriptions and qualifications. Your new employees' resumes, profiles and arrival information will be saved to MyIntrax account afterwards for your reference.

If you have any questions about hiring, please contact IWT at or please call us toll-free at 1-888-224-0450.


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Aerospace Student Aims to Return to Pigeon Forge
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