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We believe that exceptional service is achieved by being ourselves. Through personalized communication that's not one-size-fits-all. By listening to concerns and offering more than one solution. Using humor when appropriate, and by being honest and upfront about expectations.


Your hiring advocate

With offices worldwide and throughout the United States, IWT provides a complete support system for host companies for every hiring season. IWT’s support process has been carefully developed to ensure the best possible experience for our participants and host companies alike.

From the beginning of the hiring tours to the end of a season, IWT is available to help make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

Management of Visa & Administrative Details

IWT handles all administrative and regulatory details required for hiring J-1 international staff, leaving host companies free to focus on finding the ideal participants to begin working. As an expert in Department of State regulations, IWT makes it simple for you to follow and comply with new and existing regulations.

Expert Counseling

The IWT Support Team provides ongoing counseling and support to host companies and participants from the beginning to the end of every season. IWT checks in with all our participants at minimum once a month, making sure that they remain satisfied with the program and their jobs, helping to mitigate any potential issues in the future.

24-Hour Support

The IWT Support Team assists participants and host companies in emergency or major issues, including insurance concerns, lost or stolen documents, formal grievances, and dismissals. IWT participants are given the IWT emergency number and email address to ensure their concerns are addressed immediately and effectively.


Everyone has a story

Discover stories and tips from our students, hosts and team.

U.S. Travel Ban Lifted Nov 8th
U.S. Travel Ban Lifted Nov 8th
November 9, 2021
U.S. Travel Ban Lifted Nov 8th
Effective November 8th, the U.S. will require proof of vaccination and negative COVID-19 test to enter U.S.
Summer 2021 Video Competition
Summer 2021 Video Competition
July 20, 2021
Summer 2021 Video Competition
Intrax 2021 Summer Work Travel Video Competition! Win $250!
Intrax Acquires AmeriCamp to Expand International Exchange Opportunities
Intrax Acquires AmeriCamp to Expand International Exchange Opportunities
June 8, 2021
Intrax Acquires AmeriCamp to Expand International Exchange Opportunities
AmeriCamp Joins Intrax to Expand International Exchange Opportunities

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