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The Work Travel Program is designed to allow young international university students to travel and work in the United States while on a J-1 visa. In order to qualify for the J-1 Summer Work Travel program, you must be:

Currently enrolled in a university or four-year college

Between 18 and 28 years of age

Have a conversational level of English

Independent and mature traveler

Flexible attitude and willingness to learn

Committed to fulfilling job duties for duration of program

Have at least $1000 (USD) available to support yourself for the first month of the program

Start Dates

Students can participate in the Work Travel Program during their university's summer break. The maximum length of the program is 4 months. This includes 4 months to work with an additional 30 days during which participants are not allowed to work, but may travel within the U.S. and prepare for their return trip.

See below for eligible participant start and end dates.


Our fees comprise of the following major components:


DS-2019 Form (Self-Arranged/Independent)

Interview Fee (IWT-Arranged/Premium)

Health Insurance

Your actual fees are determined by your local IWT partner representative. To be referred to an IWT partner in your home country, please fill out our Inquiry Form. IWT works with international agents and partners to provide a participant with the best possible program.

Fees will change by country, market, exchange rate and the level of service that a partner provides to the participant. Some partners offer different levels of service, including job interview skills, English classes, job training, etc. and therefore charge more for their services. Examples of typical fees per region are below.

Median Fees by Region

Central Asia   Asia   Americas   Europe
Pre-Placed   $2,600   $2,000   $1,600   $1,500
Self-Arranged   $2,300   $1,700   $1,300   $1,200

If you have any questions about fees prior to enrolling, please contact an Intrax partner in your region. If you are already in the U.S. and have a question, please call us toll-free at 1-888-224-0450.

Eligible participant start and end dates

The U.S. Department of State regularly updates its Official Country Eligibility Dates, but participants' actual availability dates depend significantly on their university academic calendars. Eligible Work Travel participant start and end dates are listed below by season.


Country Earliest Start Date Latest End Date
Argentina December 1 April 1
Brazil November 15 March 15
Chile December 1 April 1
Costa Rica December 1 March 31
Malaysia November 25 March 15
Paraguay December 1 March 31
Peru December 1 March 31


Country Earliest Start Date Latest End Date
Ecuador (Guayaquil) February 21 May 2
Philippines March 26 September 1
Thailand March 7 July 7


Country Earliest Start Date Latest End Date
Bulgaria May 1  September 30
China June 1 September 15
Czech Republic May 1 October 1
Ecuador (Quito) May 1 October 1
Estonia May 15 September 15
Germany July 1 October 31
Jamaica May 5 September 7
Japan June 18 September 18
Kazakhstan May 25 September 1
Kosovo May 15 September 30
Krgyzstan June 1 August 31
Latvia May 4 August 31
Lithuania May 4 September 11
Macedonia May 15 September 30
Malaysia May 25 September 15
Moldova June 1 August 28
Mongolia June 1 September 1
Poland May 25 September 25
Romania June 15 September 30
Russia May 15 September 15
Serbia May 21 October 10
Singapore May 1 August 31
Slovakia May 15 September 15
Taiwan June 1 September 30
Turkey May 15 October 1
Ukraine May 4 August 31
Uzbekistan May 15 September 15

All country eligibility dates are approved and published by the U.S. Department of State.

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U.S. Travel Ban Lifted Nov 8th
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U.S. Travel Ban Lifted Nov 8th
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