Stacie Tollaksen

Director of Regional Accounts, Regional Account Manager, Midwest

Stacie Tollaksen is passionate about cultural exchange and uses her work as a J-1 sponsor, to bring the world closer together. The cultural exchange program provides opportunities for international students and youth to come to the US and live and work during their summer break.

During her 15-year career as a sponsor, Stacie has been responsible for overseeing the program for over 20,000 international students in her Midwest region. She has worked with thousands of employers and HR professionals, helping them develop cultural exchange programs and providing support for employment and cultural issues. Stacie is also very involved in advocacy efforts at the state and federal level.

Stacie is the founder and chairperson for the Wi Dells J-1 Consortium, a group of stakeholders that provides safety outreach and cultural exchange activities for the J-1 exchange visitors. She also works with several other J-1 student community support groups in resort areas around the US. Stacie has been a panelist and/or speaker at: International Association of Amusements and Parks Association (IAAPA), Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism, Wisconsin Hotel and Lodging Association Conference, the Community Support Group Summit in Ocean City, MD and Wi Dells, WI and at the J1 Employer-Dept of State Conferences in: Atlantic City, NJ; Wi Dells, WI; Pigeon Forge, TN; Branson, MO; and Door County, WI.

Stacie would love to help everyone be more involved in cultural exchange!

Connecting people and cultures through work and travel