Rebecca Fee

Account Manager

I come from Freehold, New Jersey, the small town that served as inspiration for Springsteen's classic song "Born to Run." I found myself reflecting on those lyrics when I headed to Thailand right after high school, my first venture into the world of cultural exchange. Becoming part of a family halfway around the world was a challenging, yet thrilling experience that left me wanting more. Shortly after I returned home, I found myself on a plane again, this time to Angola to teach English and where I also learned Portuguese. Living abroad has taught me to improvise and laugh at myself even in the most complex situations.

I've been able to continue my involvement in cultural exchange working with high school and au pair J-1 participants and partners. My experience, both as a participant and working across cultures, gives me strong foundation for my work as an Account Manager at Intrax Work Travel.

Connecting people and cultures through work and travel