Jenn Yildiz

Regional Account Manager, Mid-Atlantic

I first fell in love with cultural exchange, during high school, when my family hosted international exchange students. This was such a great experience, that when I went on to College I always requested to have international roommates. I loved learning about their culture and sharing mine with them.

After graduation, I worked in the amusement park industry and spent several years as an HR Director overseeing the international program for the theme parks where I was employed. This afforded me the opportunity to travel a great deal and I have been fortunate enough to visit and travel through 28 different countries. I feel my past experience gives me a strong perspective of the program from the point of view of the employer as well as the participant.

I joined the Intrax Team in 2013 and enjoy my work supporting the host companies and participants. Every day seems to bring a new adventure.

Connecting people and cultures through work and travel