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Our Team

Intrax attracts employees who understand how to run great international programs. Many of our team members have Human Resources backgrounds as well, so they know exactly what it is like to recruit and hire seasonal employees.

Find out more about some of the dynamic and globally-aware employees that work at Intrax.


Stacie Tollaksen

Senior Regional Account Manager, Midwest

Stacie Tollaksen is passionate about cultural exchange and uses her work as the Senior Regional Account Manager for Intrax, a J-1 summer work travel (J1 SWT) sponsor, to bring the world closer together. The J1 SWT program is a cultural exchange program which provides opportunities for international university students to come to the US and live and work during their summer break.

During her 15-year career as a sponsor, Stacie has been responsible for overseeing the program for over 20,000 international students in her Midwest region. She has worked with thousands of employers and HR professionals, helping them develop cultural exchange programs and providing support for employment and cultural issues. Stacie is also very involved in J1 SWT program advocacy efforts at the state and federal level.

Stacie is the founder and chairperson for the Wi Dells J-1 Consortium, a group of stakeholders that provides safety outreach and cultural exchange activities for the J1 exchange visitors. She also works with several other J-1 student community support groups in resort areas around the US.

Stacie has been a panelist and/or speaker at: International Association of Amusements and Parks Association (IAAPA), Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism, Wisconsin Hotel and Lodging Association Conference, the Community Support Group Summit in Ocean City, MD and Wi Dells, WI and at the J1 Employer-Dept of State Conferences in: Atlantic City, NJ; Wi Dells, WI; Pigeon Forge, TN; Branson, MO; and Door County, WI.

Stacie would love to help everyone be more involved in cultural exchange!

Lalune Sip

Regional Account Manager, West

During college, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy and Argentina. I've also traveled extensively in Europe, South America, and Asia. My experiences overseas had a great impact on my life and really instilled in me a love for cultural exchange, travel, international cuisine and getting to know local cultures. Working for Intrax has allowed me to combine my passions into a great job where I have the opportunity to help others gain similar impactful experiences. I’ve been with Intrax for seven years now and have worked with our high school, au pair, and Work Travel divisions, so have a strong foundation of working closely with many overseas partners, participants and employers. As a Regional Account Manager, I recruit and manage US employers and assist them with filling their seasonal hiring needs.

Jenn Yildiz

Regional Account Manager, East Coast

I first fell in love with cultural exchange, during high school, when my family hosted international exchange students. This was such a great experience, that when I went on to College I always requested to have international roommates. I loved learning about their culture and sharing mine with them. After graduation, I worked in the amusement park industry and spent several years as an HR Director overseeing the international program for the theme parks where I was employed. This afforded me the opportunity to travel a great deal and I have been fortunate enough to visit and travel through 28 different countries. I feel my past experience gives me a strong perspective of the program from the point of view of the employer as well as the participant. I joined the Intrax Team in 2013 and enjoy my work supporting the host companies and participants. Every day seems to bring a new adventure.

Janice Fox

Regional Account Manager, Northeast

I have been passionate about cultural education and exchange from an early age. As a second-generation German-American child growing up in a military family, I was regularly exposed to international and regional cultural differences. I didn't merely adapt to new surroundings and new people; I thrived on learning to navigate different social and cultural terrain. My love for learning new cultures grew in college while I studied a year abroad in Morocco and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in French. This passion has spread to my professional life, as I took the lessons I learned from childhood and studying abroad with me to teach English in China and Morocco, as well as to work with international students at Intrax.

I am honored to have received the Alliance for International Exchange’s 2017 Michael McCarry Leadership Award for my contributions to transportation improvements and safety education on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Jamie Bond

Community Relations Manager

My first experience with the J-1 program was when I was hired as HR director for a company in the Outer Banks of NC. I had never worked with the J1 program before, but I instantly fell in love! The program in the Outer Banks has had some ups and downs over the years, and with a little encouragement from the State Department I was able to work with several visa sponsors—including Intrax-- and start a Community Support Group in the area in 2014. It grew to include many businesses, employers, community leaders, volunteers and sponsors and became a pioneer for CSGs across the country. In 2017 I was hired by Intrax as a Community Relations Manager to work with these groups all over the country. In my role, I get to travel to many different parts of the country and work with local Chambers of Commerce, Visitors Bureaus, employers and elected officials. We strive to support our exchange visitors and assist in providing a safe and successful experience while they are in the US.

Rebecca Fee

Account Manager

I come from Freehold, New Jersey, the small town that served as inspiration for Springsteen’s classic song “Born to Run.” I found myself reflecting on those lyrics when I headed to Thailand right after high school, my first venture into the world of cultural exchange. Becoming part of a family halfway around the world was a challenging, yet thrilling experience that left me wanting more. Shortly after I returned home, I found myself on a plane again, this time to Angola to teach English and where I also learned Portuguese. Living abroad has taught me to improvise and laugh at myself even in the most complex situations. I’ve been able to continue my involvement in cultural exchange working with high school and au pair J-1 participants and partners. My experience, both as a participant and working across cultures, gives me strong foundation for my work as an Account Manager at Intrax Work Travel.

Katie Heath

Field Support Coordinator, Southeast

Before joining Intrax, I had worked very closely with the J1 work and travel program for over nine years in the waterpark industry as a Human Resources manager. I quickly realized that I loved learning about the different cultures of visiting seasonal staff and teaching them about ours. My role with Intrax as a Field Support Coordinator allows me to continue providing support for all of the international students and help them settle in for their short stay in the United States. I’m excited to be part of such an amazing team and will work with host companies and participants to ensure their experience with Intrax Work Travel is nothing short of amazing.

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