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Our Team

Intrax attracts employees who understand how to run great international programs. Many of our team members have Human Resources backgrounds as well, so they know exactly what it is like to recruit and hire seasonal employees.

Find out more about some of the dynamic and globally-aware employees that work at Intrax.


Stacie Tollaksen

Regional Account Manager, Midwest

My understanding and perspective of the work travel program comes from my own experience in the resort industry and as an exchange student and employer. I grew up in Wisconsin Dells, the "Waterpark Capitol of the World" and my first jobs were in the amusement industry. In high school I lived in Germany and in college I lived in Scotland as an exchange student. After college, as an HR Director, I hired international students. I started at Intrax over 10 years ago and my work as a Regional Account Manager, supporting Intrax's host companies and participants so that everyone has a great experience, keeps me in love with my job!

Lalune Sip

Regional Account Manager, West

During college, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy and Argentina. I've also traveled extensively in Europe, South America, and Asia. My experiences overseas had a great impact on my life and really instilled in me a love for cultural exchange, travel, international cuisine and getting to know local cultures. Working for Intrax has allowed me to combine my passions into a great job where I have the opportunity to help others gain similar impactful experiences. I’ve been with Intrax for seven years now and have worked with our high school, au pair, and Work Travel divisions, so have a strong foundation of working closely with many overseas partners, participants and employers. As a Regional Account Manager, I recruit and manage US employers and assist them with filling their seasonal hiring needs.

Jenn Yildiz

Regional Account Manager, Mid-Atlantic Seaboard and Southeast

I first fell in love with cultural exchange, during high school, when my family hosted international exchange students. This was such a great experience, that when I went on to College I always requested to have international roommates. I loved learning about their culture and sharing mine with them. After graduation, I worked in the amusement park industry and spent several years as an HR Director overseeing the international program for the theme parks where I was employed. This afforded me the opportunity to travel a great deal and I have been fortunate enough to visit and travel through 28 different countries. I feel my past experience gives me a strong perspective of the program from the point of view of the employer as well as the participant. I joined the Intrax Team in 2013 and enjoy my work supporting the host companies and participants. Every day seems to bring a new adventure.

Blaze Chase

Regional Account Manager, Business Development

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I had attended Portland State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Communications. While there, I studied abroad in Amsterdam and fell in love with the adventures and unique experiences that can only come from travel. I really enjoy travel, good friends, loud laughter, and road trips.

In my first year and a half with Intrax, I was working in Oaxaca, Mexico. After that I worked in San Ignacio, Belize, where I provided on-site support for the individual and custom group programs. Now at the Work Travel program as a Business Developer Regional Account Manager, I build relationships with new companies interested in hiring J-1 Participants, through business development and longer term account management.

Jennifer Devnani

National Account Director

Before joining Intrax, I graduated with a BA in Physical Geography from UW Madison, studied abroad in Sydney, and then spent two years volunteering for AmeriCorps. My time overseas engrained a strong belief in the importance of cultural exchange, while my work with AmeriCorps developed an appreciation for service learning. My work at Intrax ties several of my passions together, allowing me to facilitate cultural exchange experiences while traveling the world.

Emmanuel Diaz-Obregon

Director of Operations

Having grown up in the vibrant city of San Francisco and raised by Guatemalan immigrants, I quickly developed an appreciation for cuisine and culture. Over the span of 10 years with Intrax, I have had the good fortune to travel to over 20 countries, learning more about the world along the way.

As the Director of Operations, I am responsible for a strong team that supports the program in a variety of functions, including admissions, placement screening, in-country participant support, and government reporting. I am proud of the work that we do at Intrax each day, helping future world leaders experience the U.S.

Lisa Clemens

Field Support Coordinator, Midwest

I grew up in the Wisconsin Dells area, working side-by-side with J-1 students in waterparks, restaurants, and candy shops. After graduating with a Business Administration degree in International Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, I worked as an Activity Coordinator at a Senior Living Center before I was granted Swedish citizenship and moved to Sweden to live and work for a year. My experiences living abroad and working with J1s makes me well-prepared to work with participants and relate to their experience on the Intrax program.

Avery Rodriguez

Field Support Coordinator, Mid-Atlantic Seaboard

Prior to Intrax, I graduated from Pace University with a BBA in International Management. After studying abroad in Spain for a semester, I made it my home for two years, teaching English and traveling all over Europe. Living abroad has given me a new level of cultural understanding and experiencing new cultures is something I have come to enjoy.

As a Field Support Coordinator, I provide support to the students in the Work Travel program, easing their transition of living and working in the United States. I enjoy the challenges that come with helping others adjust to life in a new country.

Rebecca Fee

Field Support Coordinator, West

I come from Freehold, New Jersey, the small town that served as inspiration for Springsteen’s classic song “Born to Run.” I found myself reflecting on those lyrics when I headed to Thailand right after high school, my first venture into the world of cultural exchange. Becoming part of a family halfway around the world was a challenging, yet thrilling experience that left me wanting more. Shortly after I returned home, I found myself on a plane again, this time to Angola to teach English and where I also learned Portuguese. Living abroad has taught me to improvise and laugh at myself even in the most complex situations. I’ve been able to continue my involvement in cultural exchange working with high school and au pair J-1 participants and partners. My experience, both as a participant and working across cultures, gives me strong foundation for my work as a Field Support coordinator at Intrax Work Travel.

Katie Heath

Field Support Coordinator, Southeast

Before joining Intrax, I worked very closely with the J1 work and travel program for the past nine years in the waterpark industry as a Human Resources manager. I quickly realized that I loved learning about the different cultures of visiting seasonal staff and teaching them about ours. My role with Intrax as a Field Support Coordinator allows me to continue providing support for all of the international students and help them settle in for their short stay in the United States. I’m excited to be part of such an amazing team and will work with host companies and participants to ensure their experience with Intrax Work Travel is nothing short of amazing.

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